Checklists for PPE inspection

How often should PPE be inspected in construction?

PPE important?

Yes, very important! You’ll read why

Most fatal accidents occur in the construction industry. Workers encounter risks every day. It is therefore vital as an employer to put safety first. As an employer, you will be familiar with the term PPE (personal protective equipment).

After all, these are mandatory. But how do you know that the materials are still usable, how you can use them longer, and how often should protective equipment be checked?

PPE in brief

PPE explained stands for personal protective equipment. These resources are mandatory to prevent injury and physical damage to people in high-risk occupations. PPE can differ per profession and per work. There are protective equipment for the head, hearing, eyes, airways, traps, hands, and feet. In the construction sector, employees are protected against falling objects, falling themselves, toxic substances, loud noises, etc. Most risks are present in the construction sector, which is why a lot of protective equipment is used.

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Which requirements must PPE meet in construction

There are basic rules for PPE that are described in the Working Conditions Act. This law is based on European regulations. This act tells that an employer must make the correct personal protective equipment available to employees without charging them extra costs. When protective equipment is approved according to the established European rules, it has a CE-mark. It ensures that the products have been inspected and are safe to use within your organization.

As an employer, you must comply with certain requirements to guarantee safety:

  • PPE must offer appropriate protection to the risks that employees run
  • employees need PPE that fits everyone well
  • there should be no hindrance from the use of PPE s
  • do not use single-use PPE more than once

How does your PPE last the longest?

Due to the use of personal protective equipment, a product must be replaced at some point. As an employer, you can ensure that these products last as long as possible. The manufacturer whose protective equipment you use within your organization indicates how you should store PPE to keep the quality good for as long as possible. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

To keep your PPE in good condition for as long as possible:

  • keep dry out of the sun
  • keep in the right hygiene conditions, for example, keep closed boxes away from chemical substances
  • use the PPE correctly for what it is intended for

When should you replace PPE?

As an employer, it is important to know when products need to be replaced. In addition, it is always useful to have extra products on hand in case of unexpected situations. When PPE is always replaced:

  • after an accident
  • when the product can no longer guarantee safety according to the manufacturer, this varies per product
  • if there is doubt whether the product is still good

Inspecting PPE

Inspecting is the only way to keep a close eye on the quality of PPE. Personal protective equipment must be checked by employees before each work shift. It is, therefore, necessary that employees understand why wearing PPE correctly is crucial to work safely. Educating employees about PPE through training is beneficial for everyone.

Regularly inspecting is important. Conduct inspections to identify potential hazards early. Once every six months, all PPE extra by visiting and replacing what needs to be replaced.

Protective equipment can prevent fatal accidents. Avoid accidents and check all your protective equipment.

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