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Conduct inspections, share reports, take corrective actions, save time and improve quality and safety

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Conduct inspections, take corrective actions on the fly, share reports

Checkbuster is an app for mobile devices you can use to conduct all sorts of on-site inspections and getting rid of time consuming paperwork. Conduct inspections faster, more accurate and consistent. Identify and manage corrective actions, generate and share inspection reports on the fly, view trends & valuable insights and identify improvement measures. Increase your quality of work and create a safer organization.

Work as a team

From your colleagues in the field conducting inspections, collecting data and identifying problems to quality and safety managers responsible for compliancy and continuous improvement, Checkbuster lets your team work as a… team.

Set up checklists, conduct inspections, identify corrective measures, share reports and get valuable insights in performance with our flexible and user friendly checklist app.


Companies that use Checkbuster

We are proud that Checkbuster is widely used between different sectors across the world

Inspect everywhere, from the comfort of your phone or tablet

Checkbuster is available on desktop, phone and tablet so that you can do inspections quickly and ideally on the go.

Easy-to-use by design

We want to make your job easier. That’s why we take your user experience very seriously to give you the finest working conditions while working. We are in constant dialogue with our customers about how they work, what wishes and ideas they have and how we can help them even more to do their work successfully and with pleasure.

In this way, together with our customers, we continuously improve the app, so that you can create checklists, conduct inspections and implement improvements in the easiest way possible.

Endless checklist possibilities

Checkbuster NXT has all the inspection elements you need. Featuring yes or no questions, multiple choices questions, value sliders, a rating system, a signature, planned inspections and many more features!