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This feature is available for Profesional and Starter accounts.

Before you start

About reports

Reports are generated and stored on Every time a change is made to the inspection, a new version of the report is generated. All generated inspection reports can be downloaded as Microsoft Word, PDF or ODT (open document format). Inspection reports are always related to conducted inspections.

There are 2 options to view your report. You can view them with our mobile IOS / Android app, or you can view reports at

View inspection reports on

After you logged in, select the option ‘inspections’ from the dashboard or the menu.
Find the inspection of which you want to see the reports, but don’t click on it. You can use the date selector above the list of reports or the filter on the left to easily find a specific inspection.
Behind the inspection’s name there is an option button (the 3 dots on the right of the inspection row). Click on that option button and then click on the ‘Word document icon’.
You will be shown a list of all the generated reports and the photos belonging to this inspection. To view a report, click the option button and click on the format in which you want to download the report. You can choose a Word document, PDF, ODT or you can send the report to your e-mail.

View inspection report using the mobile app

Each time you finish an inspection via computer or the app, by hitting the “finish inspection’ button on your screen, the reports are automatically generated.

When you open the app you start in a screen that shows you the recent finished inspections. You can also always find inspection reports by tapping on “inspections” in your menu.

You can then access the report you want to view, by swiping (from left to right) over an inspection and tapping the Word icon. Note that by tapping on an inspection, you will only be able to view individual checklists, it won’t show any options to view a report, therefore you need to swipe. After swiping and tapping the Word icon you will be shown a screen with “photos” and “Inspection Report”.  Tap on “Inspection Report”. Depending on which word processing apps you have installed on your device, you will be given various choices on how to view your report. Tap on the format you want to use, for example “Notes”, “I-Books” or “PDF-reader” and your report will be saved to and can be viewed in that app.

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