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User roles & permission

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This feature requires the admin user role

Before you start


This is our definition of a user: A user is anyone that can login to Checkbuster.

You can invite users to do inspections for you and you can assign different user roles to users. What features of Checkbuster are accessible to a user, depends on the user role. Take a look at the article add users if you did not invite other users yet. You can only change a user role at

User roles and permissions

You can assign different user roles to a user by selecting Users from the dashboard or the menu at Click on a user name to go to that user’s detail page. Select the option Permissions to view what permissions that current user has at the moment. You can add user permissions by clicking on the [ + ] button on top of the permissions. If you want to remove a permission click on the delete button behind the permission you want to delete.

We define the following permissions:

Free 360 User

When a user has this account, the user can only conduct an inspection based on the checklist he is assigned too, for a location he is assigned too. This user can only see his own inspections and can not view inspection reports or management information.

Professional User

A Professional User has the same rights as the 360 User, but can also view generated inspection reports and management reports of locations he is assigned to. (A Professional User can also only conduct inspections for a location he is assigned to.)

Super Inspector

A Super Inspector has the same rights as a Professional User, but can conduct inspections for every location – even if you are not specifically assigned to a checklist or a location. A Super Inspector can also see all inspections conducted by every user.

Checklist / Template Manager

A Checklist / Template Manager has the same rights as a Professional User, but can also manage checklists. A Checklist / Template Manager can create and edit checklists and conduct inspections. With this permission you can also assign users to checklist and assign checklist to locations.

Task approver

A Task Approver needs to approve all resolved tasks. Before you can assign this role, make sure you enable our Task / Workflow option for a checklist! (Read article: Automatic tasks and workflow). When using our workflow option at least 1 user needs to have this permission to close tasks.


An administrator has full access to all of Checkbuster’s features, meaning an administrator can manage other users, create and edit checklists and manage locations and organizations. An admin user can also assign other users the role of Administrator.

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