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Synchronize inspections to your mobile

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This feature requires the 360 User role or higher.

Before you start

  • Open the Checkbuster app on iOS or Android and
  • log in.


Before you can synchronize inspections to your mobile or tablet, you need to make sure your checklists, locations and organizations are up to date. When you open the app and there is a blue quarter with an exclamation mark in the left corner, you first have to tap that. You will be asked if you want to update now. Tap the green [Update] button. Your app is now ready to synchronize inspections.

Synchronize inspections

First select “Inspections” in the menu. Tap the organization the inspection you want to synchronize belongs to. Tap the location the inspection you want to synchronize belongs to. In the right corner of your screen you will now see this [Synchronize] button.

 Tap the button and all inspections of this location will be synchronized to the app on your device.

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