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Inspection icons

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This feature is available for Professional and Starter accounts.

For each inspection item in a checklist, a multiple choice item, an open text field item or a measurement item, there are always four icons shown while conducting an inspection.

 By selecting this icon, the inspection item will be marked not applicable.

 By tapping on the camera icon an image can be added to that item. When working with a mobile device with camera, you can take a picture without leaving the Checkbuster app. You can also upload an image from the photo library on your device. When filling in a checklist on the computer you can only upload a picture from your photo library to the checklist.

 By tapping on the text cloud icon a comment can be added to the item.

 By tapping on the favorite icon, that item will be marked as favorite. When marking one or more items as favorite, you will be able to conduct a report of just these items besides being able to conduct a report of all the items.

When filling in a checklist on the computer, an option button is shown. By clicking on the option button you are given the option to copy that item. By clicking on the option button of a copied item, you are given the options to edit, copy or delete the item. The app does not show an option button, but you will get the options described above by swiping over an item from left to right.

Explanation of the option icons:

 Options  (swipe on mobile device)


 edit  (Only available for copied items)

 delete (Only available for copied items)

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