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Delete generated reports

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This feature is available for Professional and Starter accounts.

Before you start


Please note that there is a difference between deleting a generated report, deleting an inspection and deleting a checklist. Deleting a generated report means that you delete one specific report of a conducted inspection. Deleting an inspection means that you delete all reports of a conducted inspection. To find out how to delete an inspection, please read “delete an inspection“. Deleting a checklist means that you delete an existing checklist and no inspections can be conducted in the future using that checklist. To find out how to delete a checklist, please read “delete a checklist“.

Delete a generated report

TTo delete a generated report, first select ‘Inspections’ from our dashboard or from the menu. You are shown an overview of your inspections. Click on the inspection of which you want to delete a generated report.
In this screen, you will find the button [View Reports]. Click this button. In the next screen you will see a file called “Photos” and a file called “Inspection Reports”. Click on “Inspection Reports” and you will be shown the list “Version history”, which contains all the generated versions of the report. Click on the option button behind the version of the generated report you want to delete. Different icons will appear, one of the icons being a trashcan.
 Click on the trashcan and that generated version of the report will be deleted.

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