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Create a new report template

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This feature requires the checklist editor user role or higher.

Before you start

Create a new report template

Select the option ‘ Checklists’ from the dashboard or the menu. You are redirected to the checklist editor and shown a list of all your checklists. Behind each checklist you will see 4 icons. Click the [Word] icon behind the checklist you want to add a report template to.

You will be redirected to the Report Configuration screen and shown a list of all your report templates. In the top right corner you will see a [+] icon. To add a new report template, click that [+] button. You will now be able to create a new report template. You can select and deselect the parts that will show up in your report;

  • Cover
  • Introduction
  • Index
  • Inspection results
  • Deviations
  • Checklist
  • Conclusion
  • Document settings

To make changes to a certain chapter, click the [Edit]  icon behind that chapter. To change the order of the chapters, simply drag and drop them. After you are finished editing, the changes you made are saved automatically; you can’t hit a [Save] button.

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