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Checklist item types

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This feature requires the checklist editor user role or higher

Before you start

  • Make sure you are logged in at or
  • Open the checkbuster app on iOS or Android.


Our definition of a checklist: A checklist is a collection of items categorized in 1 or more sections. An inspection will be based on an activated checklist. In Checkbuster we provide different items types, which you can use within your checklist.

When you are conducting an inspection or an audit every item will also have the following extra options: You can add a remark. You can add an Image. You can mark an item ‘Not applicable’.

Checklist item types

Whenever you create a new item, you will first be asked to add an item description. (For example, you can add the description: “Is the floor clean?”) Then you will be asked to select an item type. We provide 3 options here, which are explained in the text below. If you are missing an item type, please let us know: contact us.

Regular item [multiple choice]

When you create a regular / multiple choice item, an inspector will be able to score that item with the following options:

  sufficient / valid

 insufficient / invalid

 Not applicable

Open text field

When you create an open text item, an inspector will be able to fill in a short text.


When you create a measurement item, an inspector will be able to fill in a number. As you can see the insert field looks the same as the insert field for open text, but because you created a measurement item, only numbers will be accepted in this field.

When creating a measurement item, you need to provide an operator (higher than >, lower than <, equal to =, higher or equal to >=, lower or equal to <=).
You need to provide a value (example: 7). And you need to select a unit type (Ampère, Candela, Celsius, Centimeter, Decibel, Fahrenheit, Gram, Inch, Kelvin, Meter, milliampere, Minutes, Mole, Percentage, Seconds, Pieces or Volt).
When you conduct an audit you will see an input field and when the inserted value does not comply to the item’s measurement, the input box will turn red.

You can also insert advanced settings per item type (see article: Item type advanced settings).

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