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Change/unlock a finished inspection

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This feature is available for Professional and Starter accounts.

Before you start

  • Make sure you are logged in at or the app
  • Make sure that you already have a finished inspection

Change a finished inspection

If you want to make changes to an already finished inspection, select “Inspections” from the dashboard or the menu. You will be redirected to your inspection overview and shown a list of all finished inspections. If you are on you will see an Option button behind each inspection.
Click the option button 
Six icons will appear. If you are using the Checkbuster app, you need to swipe over an inspection from right to left, then the six icons will appear.
Click or tap the Unlock icon. 
A text will appear: This inspection is locked and can’t be edited. Do you want to unlock this inspection? Click or tap “Yes”.

Now, click or tap the inspection and you will be able to edit it. Make sure you hit the “Finish inspection” button after you are done editing.

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