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Add a section to a checklist

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This feature requires the checklist editor user role or higher

Before you start


Checklists contain one or more sections and sections contain one or more inspection items. When you start with creating a checklist we automatically create the first section for you.  If you have created more than one section you can drag and drop items from one section to the other.

Add a section to a checklist

First select the checklist you want to add a section to, in your checklist overview. Your checklist overview will be shown when you select the option ‘ Checklists’ from the dashboard or the menu. Tap or click on the checklist you want to edit.

When you hover over a section title with your mouse (in a browser) or tab / click on the section name (on mobile or small screens) a menu will be shown. You can now hit the [+] button to add a section. You can insert a section title and a section type. When you hit the [Done] button your new section is created. If you are unsure of which section type to choose, please have a look at the article different sections types to get an understanding of the differences between the section types.

If you want to add a new inspection item to this section just click the button [ Add item ] below that section. As said, it is also possible to move an inspection item from one section to another, simply by dragging and dropping it.

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