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This feature requires the admin user role

Before you start


This is our definition of a user: A user is anyone that can login to Checkbuster.
You can invite users to do inspections for you and you can assign them different user roles. You can connect multiple users to 1 or more locations and checklists. In Checkbuster you can choose between 2 different user account types: 360 users and Pro users.

360 user
A 360 user is free of charge. A ‘360 user’ can do an inspection but cannot see the inspection report or use any of the other features on our platform. If you only want people to do an inspection for you, this is the user type to choose.

Pro user
This is a paid user account. Depending on the role you assign to a certain pro user, that person has access to different features on the platform. If you want people to be able to do more than inspections, for example look at the inspection reports as well, this is the user type to choose.

When you create a user (360 or Pro), you should connect it to 1 or more locations and to one or more checklists (see article: Connect a user to a location and checklist). We will walk you through these steps during the user creation process.

Add a new user

If you want to add a new user select the ‘Users’ option from the menu or dashboard. Click on the button [+ user] to create a new user. After you fill in the form and select the user type hit [Save] to continue.

Only if you have more than 1 location you will be asked to what locations you want to connect the user. All location are selected. The user will be able to do an inspection for all of the selected locations. Select the locations you want and click the [Save] button below the locations. The user will be assigned to all of the checklists within the selected locations.

After you created the user we will send an email to the user on your behalf with the username and password.

If you want to make sure that the user has the correct access to locations and checklists or if you want to change this later, take a look at the article Connect a user to a location and checklist.

Do you want to assign different user roles to the user? Read more about that in the article: User Roles and permissions.

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