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Add a location to an organization

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This feature requires the admin user role.

Before you start


To activate a checklist you need to go to the edit screen of the checklist. To get there, select the ‘checklist’ option from the menu or your dashboard and click or tap on the checklist you want to activate. You will be redirected to the checklist in edit mode. In the top right corner you will see the activate switch. If it is green your checklist is activated if it is grey your checklist is in concept mode. Just click or tab on the switch to activate your checklist.

You can now use your checklist to conduct an inspection.

Add a new location to an organization

Choose “Organizations” from the dashboard or the menu. This will show all your organizations and locations. Click on the organization you want to add a new location to. You can add a location by clicking on the [+] sign in the organization detail screen that is now shown. You can give your location a name and press enter.

You are then redirected to a selection screen. If you have more than 1 checklists you can select the checklists that you want to connect to the newly created location. After clicking the [Save] button at the bottom of the list, you can select the users who can do inspections for this location. Click the [Save] button to continue.

You have just added a new location to an existing organization and you have connected one or more checklists and users to this location. It is now possible to conduct inspections for this location.

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