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Activate a checklist

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This feature requires at least the checklist manager role.

Before you start

  • Make sure you are logged in at
  • You need to at least have one checklist that is not activated


A checklist can have 2 different statuses: Activated or Concept. When a checklist is not activated or in concept mode the checklist is not available for an inspection. It will become available when you activate it.

When you edit an existing checklist, we will create a new version of that checklist which is a concept of the active checklist. This makes it possible to make changes to an existing checklist while users can still use the (older version of that same) checklist. When you are done editing the checklist you must activate it before users can see the new and improved version.
In the checklist overview you can see if a checklist is activated or not. When a checklist is in concept mode, the label ‘concept’ is shown behind the name of the checklist.

Activate you checklist

To activate a checklist you need to go to the edit screen of the checklist. To get there, select the ‘checklist’ option from the menu or your dashboard and click or tap on the checklist you want to activate.  You will be redirected to the checklist in edit mode. In the top right corner you will see the activate switch. If it is green your checklist is activated if it is grey your checklist is in concept mode. Just click or tab on the switch to activate your checklist.

activate a checklist

You can now use your checklist to conduct an inspection.

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