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Copy a checklist

This feature is available for Professional and Starter accounts.

Before you start


You can create a new version of a checklist while maintaining the old one, by copying a checklist. This feature is only available on

You can also create a new version of a checklist by editing that checklist. Note that when you edit a checklist, the original version will be overwritten and you won’t have access to it anymore. To find out how to edit a checklist, please read “edit a checklist

Copy a checklist

To copy a checklist, first select “Checklists” from the dashboard or the menu. You will be redirected to the checklist editor and shown a list of all your checklists. Behind each checklist you will see 4 icons, one of them being the [Copy] icon.

 Copy icon

After you hit the [Copy] icon behind the checklist you want to copy, you will be redirected to a copied version of that checklist. You will be able to make changes to this new version of your checklist.

You can edit the name of the checklist, edit an existing inspection item, remove an inspection item or add an inspection item by hitting one of the following icons.

 edit the name of the checklist

 edit an inspection item

 remove an inspection item

 add an inspection item

After you are finished editing you first have to activate the checklist before you can use it. By clicking on the [Activate] button in the top right corner.

Since you made a copy, the original checklist can still be used as well as the new version you just made.