Top 5 HACCP issues in kitchens

The top 5 HACCP issues in kitchens is based on research done by stichting (a dutch food safety foundation). 


Frozen products lack a sell by date and the date when the product was frozen.

The thousand year old egg is a Chinese delicacy, the year old meatball isn’t.


The annual evaluation if  all CCP’s are covered in the the HACCP system is neglected.

If your kitchen changes, it’s likely that the Critical Control Points (CCP’s) change as well.


Employees do not wash their hand when they switch from doing the dirty dishes to handling the clean dishes.

The dishes look clean, even when they aren’t.


The wall in the kitchen is damaged which accumulates bacteria.

Cracks and irregularities in kitchen walls are a safe haven for unwanted bacteria.


Unconscious behaviour while working

That means that the kitchen staff  unconsciously pick their noses while handling food.

About the research

These results where gathered from the research done by stichting (a dutch food safety foundation). Stichting conducts thousands of HACCP inspections each year and is a key player in food hygiene. The results where gathered from 2012 to 2016.

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