Top 5 considerations when choosing an audit and inspection platform

Are you looking for a digital audit and inspection platform? Then there are some points to consider. Let’s surmise five important points:

  1. Easy to use: Choose a platform that is simple to use and can be understood by your entire team.
    Pay special  attention that you can configure inspection teams rapidly,
    conduct inspections intuitively and simply can add photos. Test before you buy! 

  2. Offline Mode:
    WIFI, 4G and internet connections are not guaranteed. You’ll need to conduct your inspections, even without a network. Make sure to choose a platform that remains functional without internet.

  3. Extensive reports: When you conduct different types of inspections, you also need different kinds of reports. Your inspection platform must facilitate in your reporting requirements.

  4. Follow up on deficiencies: Inspection are conducted to secure quality and improve when necessary. Therefor you’ll need insight in deficiencies (often a management requirement).
    Pick a platform that lists deficiencies. The platform must support follow up tasks that must be resolved approved.

  5. Teamwork and sharing:
    Inspections and results are often shared within the organization and with colleagues and management.
    Your platform should provide sharing functionality and the possibility to assign tasks to team members.

Discover features of the audit and inspectie platform
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