The new Checkbuster app. Easier inspections, audits and registrations.

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Based on your suggestions, we made some radical changes to the Checkbuster app. The design was completely overhauled to make it easier to use. And we’ve added such new features as public templates and a new dashboard. But why tell you if we can show you?


Our inspection dashboard

From our dashboard you have a quick access to inspections in progress, recently submitted inspections and create a new inspection with the BtnPlus@2x button

Inspection menu

See the little menu icon at the right top? This simple menu will always be there to navigate to inspections, organisations, dashboard and settings.



Public templates

You can start new inspections based on our list of high quality public templates from ISO inspection checklists to food and safety checklists. Just create a new inspection and select the view public templates. We organized our templates in categories to make it easy to find the right one. View our inspections list and let us know if you are missing a template and we will add them.

Old features in a different location

Swiping over items will show you more options. (Swipe from right to left off the screen on a title)

  • Send an inspection to our server to generate a report, swipe over the inspection title and tab on the option.
  • Duplicate an inspection chapter or inspection item? Just swipe over it.
  • Mark a whole chapter as not applicable? Swipe over the title
  • Rename an inspection , chapter or inspection item ? You guessed it. Just swipe again.


We’d love to hear what you think our new app. Download Checkbuster for Android, or Download Checkbuster for iOS, and leave us a comment.

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