How to switch from paper checklists to an inspection app

There are many benefits to an inspection app over paper. First of all: you can conduct your inspection anywhere, anytime and without internet. Secondly, inspection software eliminates overhead costs on reporting completely. So why wait?

Well, the main bottleneck is the switch from a paper to digital checklist itself. At checkbuster we aim to make the transition as efficient as possible. In 4 steps we can get your inspection app up and running.

Follow these steps

  1. Copy the content of your checklist into this Excel sheet

  2. Sign up for Checkbuster (free of charge)

  3. Send the Excel sheet to We’ll create the checklists for you.

  4. Download the Checkbuster app and inspect!

You can also create a checklist through without the use of excell.

Is that all?

Yes. That’s all it takes to get started. Checkbuster is a versatile system and you might want to fine tune it to the needs of your business. We offer instruction video’s, a knowledgebase and support through chat, email and telephone. We’ll also provide consultants for enterprises with complex environments. Some things you might want to do straight away, for example, add your colleagues and inspection locations.

Optional: Add colleagues

You can add your colleagues, suppliers and customers to conduct and share inspections. If you have a large user base and don’t want to invite them by hand, we can import them for you.

Optional: Add inspection locations

In Checkbuster each inspection is done at a location. We can help you to organize and group these locations in an efficient manner.

View getting started video’s
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