Solve 5 HACCP audit problems

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, It’s already in the name; HACCP auditors need to focus on the task at hand to prevent Hazardous situations. Here are 5 solutions that will help any auditor.

1. Loose time writing reports

A huge overhead in any HACCP audit, is the need to convert your audits into readable reports. It’s not uncommon to spend four hours per audit to write reports. Just imagine how much time and money you’d save if all these reports created themselves…
A proper audit platform does exactly that. All reports are generated automatically when a HACCP audit is finished. This solution alone can reduce overhead on HACCP audits by 30%.

2. Lost in the paper jungle

Paper checklists are a threat for the quality of an audit. They’re a pain to maintain and it’s hard to ensure that everybody is working with the same version. The solution is simple: Use a digital system. Maintain checklists using an editor with version management. The system can distribute the proper checklist versions across your team.

3. Planned HACCP audits

Well, it’s actually very professional to plan audits. The problem is how to handle issues when you’re not conducting a planned audit. It’s necessary to be able to report issues, even if you’re just walking around the business. Ideally you’ll have an App on your phone so every issue can be reported immediately.

4. “My internet is down”

Even the best businesses can have network issues. Some businesses have environments without internet, like walk-in freezers, warehouses and mandatory WIFI free zones. A quality audit app doesn’t need internet when you’re auditing. So if the WIFI of your business goes down, you’re still up.

5. Treasure hunt

Audit results give a wealth of information; if only you could disclose it. You’d have to aggregate paper reports into spreadsheets, which is cumbersome and error prone. There is no quick overview showing the state of your HACCP.
Business intelligence and management dashboards are the way to go. All the aggregation is done for you. Interactive metrics show what any manager needs to guard the HACCP process.

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