Pre-trip vehicle inspections are necessary

Pre-trip vehicle inspections take some time and can be perceived as a waste of time. Besides the necessities mentioned in this article, there are also significant benefits to pre-trip inspections when using Checkbuster.


Required by law

In many countries and states a pre- or post-trip inspection is mandatory. The law may demand a daily report or only require a report when a deficiency is found.


Required by insurance policy

Even if the law doesn’t require a daily vehicle inspection report, the insurance company might. If you need to claim a damage and do not have the reports, you’re claim can be denied.



Sometimes accidents end up in court. Lawyers can use the absence of driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) to discredit the driver and the company.



Accidents with vehicles are the leading cause of work related injury. Pre-trip inspections protect the driver, the passengers and fellow road users.


Condition of the fleet

A fleet manager needs to know when parts fail and vehicles break down. The daily pre-trip inspection is an efficient method to keep the fleet manager up to date.

Set up pre-trip vehicle inspections
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