The power of the 360 user

Invite other people to conduct inspections

We created checkbuster because we believe that quality & safety is a team effort. When everybody is involved with your quality & safety standard, you will create a safer work environment and provide a product or service, with a higher quality standard to your customers.

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you, to invite everybody to conduct inspections. You stay fully in control of what they inspect and where they conduct the inspections. With our workflow feature, you can get an overview of all the nonconformities.

We experienced that when enough people are invited to do more inspections, a 360 degree view of safety and quality within an organisation is achieved. That is why we call them 360 users.

You could even invite your suppliers or clients to conduct inspections for you. At no extra cost nonetheless!

Create a 360 user

On go to users and click

[add user]
  1. Insert the user details and select 360 user (free). The user will receive an invitation email with a password.
  2. Before the user can conduct an inspection we need to assign him to a location and a checklist.
  3. Click on the name of the user
  4. Click on ‘organizations’
  5. Click add organization and select the locations
  6. Click on a location.
  7. Add a template to that location by clicking on the [+] sign and select the templates.

Your new 360 user is now ready to conduct an inspection, for the locations that are assigned to this user. The 360 user can only see his own inspections.

You can add as many 360 users as you want!

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