Place snags and markers on a floor plan or blueprint

With our new feature it is possible to place a marker or a snag on  a blueprint or floor plan (or any other jpg image that you add to a location).  You can capture snags during a construction project or show the location where an issue is discovered.

Enable Snags for a location

To enable this feature you must first add an image (for example floor plan or blueprint) to a location. At click on organizations from the menu and click on the location where you want to add the blueprint. You can click on maps and the add map button to add a map to the location.

Place a marker during an inspection

We you start a new inspection you can place a marker on the map for every insepction item. It is up to you if you want to create a task as well. If you create a task you can directly assign the task to an other person.


Show the status of a task on an map

On the floor plan all snags will be visible and the status of the created tasks are visible as well. We use the following colours to show the task status:

  • Yellow the task has the status to do,
  • Blue the task is waiting for review,
  • Green means that the task is done.

This feature can be used on construction sites, but you are not limited to that. If for example you want to show a scratch or a broken light  on a rental car or a vehicle insepction you can use this feature as well.

Update you app

To use this feature you need to update to the latest version of our mobile apps

Download Checkbuster insepction & report app for iOS

Download Checkbuster insepction & report app for android

We love to hear how you want to use this new feature!

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