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Start-Up & Shut Down Procedure: Wheel Loaders

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You can conduct this checklist for free on the Checkbuster platform. You can use a lap-top, PC or the free inspection App

Starting The Machine

  • Perform walk around inspection
  • Mount the machine using 3 points of contact
  • Turn the battery disconnect switch to ON (if equipped)
  • Engage the parking brake
  • Adjust seat, adjust mirrors, fasten seat belt
  • Move direction control lever into neutral
  • Ensure all implements are grounded
  • Move the attachment control levers to HOLD
  • Ensure all personnel are clear of machine
  • Sound horn
  • Use ether start aid switch if necessary (per OMM)
  • Turn key start switch to ON
  • Perform startup test or observe monitoring system self-test (if applicable)
  • Turn key start switch to START. Crank engine

Machine Warm-Up

  • Allow machine to warm up (per OMM)
  • Engage and disengage attachment controls to help speed warm-up of hydraulic components
  • Cycle all controls to allow warm oil to circulate through all hydraulic cylinders and lines
  • Perform steering, service brake, and parking brake operation checks (per OMM by machine model)
  • Check secondary steering operation (if equipped)
  • Check gauges, indicators, and action light frequently

Moving The Machine

  • Ensure area is clear
  • Raise all lowered implements
  • Depress service brake pedal
  • Release the parking brake
  • Move transmission control lever to desired direction
  • Release service brake pedal and depress accelerator pedal

Machine Shut Down

  • Park the machine on smooth level area
  • Set parking brake
  • Lower all hydraulic implements
  • Run engine at low idle for 5 minutes to allow engine to cool
  • Turn key start switch to OFF and remove key
  • Dismount machine using 3-point contact
  • Block wheels and remove disconnect switch key if parking for extended period (per OMM)
  • Drain water from air tank, if equipped
  • Conduct post-operation walk-around inspection