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Safety & Maintenance Inspection: Water Pumps

The professional inspection solution

You can conduct this checklist for free on the Checkbuster platform. You can use a lap-top, PC or the free inspection App

Engine Oil And Coolant Level

  • Radiator (Clean, Full)
  • Oil (Fluid Level)
  • Throttle (Locked down to 2000 RPM Max?)
  • Overall Condition (Damage, Leaks)

Vacuum Pump

  • Belt (Adjustment 3/8” to ½” free play?)
  • Oil Feed and Return Hoses (Tight, Overall Condition)
  • Overall Condition (Damage, Leaks)


  • Overall Condition (Damage, Signs of Fatigue)
  • Element Secured (Element Secured?)
  • Cracking (Signs of Cracking?)

Discharge Non Return Valve

  • Seat (Clean, Clear of Debris)
  • Overall Condition (Chips, Cracks, Missing Pieces)


  • Overall Condition (Clean, Signs of Debris)
  • Vanes (Damage)

Float Gear

  • Float (Is it tight? (Reach hand up into sump and grab float to check))
  • Wear (Is there excessive side to side wear? (Should be less than 2” of movement))

Coalescer Oil

  • Oil (Clean, Water Present, Level to bottom of thread)
  • Water (Is water drained out of system?)


  • Front and Rear (Greased)
  • Bolts (Tight)
  • Overall Condition (Any discoloration to housing?)

Seal Carrier

  • Allen Heads (Are allen head bolts flush or recessed?)

System Check (Start Up Machine)

  • Gauges (Functioning Properly)
  • System (Is system pulling/holding at least 25 hsg?)
  • System Bleed (Does system slowly bleed down when stopping)

Canopy And Frame

  • Fuel (Check Level)
  • Jacks, Fenders, Canopy (Damage, Overall Condition)
  • Labels and Indicators (Fully operational, Legible)
  • Overall Condition (Damage, Clean)