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Safety & Maintenance Inspection – Telehandlers

The professional inspection solution

You can conduct this checklist for free on the Checkbuster platform. You can use a lap-top, PC or the free inspection App

On The Machine, Outside The Cab

  • Mirror (Clean, damage, properly adjusted)
  • Windows (Clean, damage, front and top)
  • Windshield (Wipers Arm and rubber blade intact)
  • Forks (Damage, cracks, misalignment, check welds, locking pins in place and secure)
  • Warning Decals (Missing, legible, damaged)
  • Tires (Damage, pressure, bulges)
  • Wheels (Loose lug bolts, bent rims, cracks)
  • Differentials (Oil leaks, cracks in housing)
  • Guards and covers (Damage, in place)
  • Steps and Handrail (Damage, cleanliness)
  • Stabilizer Arms, Cylinders, Pads (Damage, oil leaks, cylinder rod, missing bolts)
  • Battery/Terminals (Cable connections, water, clean –no corrosion)
  • Overall Machine (Loose or missing nuts & bolts, Loose guards, Damaged parts, cleanliness)

Engine Compartment

  • Engine Oil (Fluid Level)
  • Engine Coolant (Fluid Level)
  • Hydraulic Oil (Fluid Level)
  • Air Filter (Restriction Indicator)
  • Radiator (Fin blockage, leaks, cleanliness)
  • All Hoses (Cracks, Wear Spots, Leaks)
  • All Belts (Tightness, wear, cracks, delamination)
  • Overall Engine Compartment (Trash Or Dirt Buildup, Leaks)

Inside The Cab

  • ROPS or FOPS (Damage, loose bolts)
  • Seat (Adjustment, pedal travel)
  • Seat Belt & Mounting (Damage, wear, adjustment, age of install, manufacture date)
  • Fire Extinguisher (Charge, damage, inspection card to date)
  • Horn, backup alarm, lights, wipers (Proper Function)
  • Controls, gauge lenses (Proper Function, cleanliness)
  • Overall Cab Interior (Cleanliness)