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Safety & Maintenance Inspection: Stellar® Telescopic Crane – Daily

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  • All Daily Inspections.


  • All monthly inspections.

Rotation Sys

  • Rotation bearing for proper torque of all mounting bolts.


  • Base mounting bolts for proper torque.


  • All structural members for deformation, cracks,& corrosion.
  • Base
  • Outrigger beams & legs
  • Mast
  • Inner boom
  • Outer boom
  • Extension(s
  • Jib boom
  • Jib extension(s)


  • Pins, bearings, shafts, gears, rollers, & locking devices for wear, cracks, corrosion, & distortion.
  • Inner boom pivot pin(s) & retainer(s)
  • Outer boom pivot pin(s) & retainer(s)
  • Inner boom cylinder pin(s) & retainer(s)
  • Outer boom cylinder pin(s) & retainer(s)
  • Extension cylinder pin(s) & retainer(s)
  • Jib boom pin(s) & retainer(s)
  • Jib cylinder pin(s) & retainer(s)
  • Jib extension cylinder pin(s) & retainer(s)
  • Boom tip attachments

Hyd Lines

  • Hoses, fittings, & tubing for proper routing, leakage, blistering, deformation, & excessive abrasion.
  • Pressure line(s) from pump to control valve
  • Return line(s) from control valve to reservoir
  • Suction line(s) from reservoir to pump
  • Pressure line(s) from control valve to each function
  • Load holding valve pipe(s) and hose(s)

Pumps &Motors

  • Pumps and motors for loose bolts/fasteners, leaks, noise, vibration, loss of performance, heating and excess pressure.
  • Winch motor(s)
  • Rotation motor(s)


  • Hydraulic valves for cracks, spool return to neutral, sticking spools, relief valve failure.
  • Main control valve
  • Load holding valve(s)
  • Outrigger or auxiliary control valve(s)


  • Hydraulic cylinders for drifting & leakage. Rods for nicks, scores, & dents. Castor damage. Case &rod ends for damage & abnormal wear.
  • Outrigger cylinder(s)
  • Inner boom cylinder(s)
  • Outer boom cylinder(s)
  • Extension cylinder(s)
  • Rotation cylinder(s)
  • Jib lift cylinder(s)
  • Jib extension cylinder(s)


  • Winch, sheaves, & drums for damage, abnormal wear, abrasion, & other irregularities.

Hyd Filter

  • Hydraulic filters for replacement per maintenance schedule.