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Safety & Maintenance Inspection: Aerial Lifts

The professional inspection solution

You can conduct this checklist for free on the Checkbuster platform. You can use a lap-top, PC or the free inspection App

Inspect On Daily Basis

  • Operation Maintenance Manual (intact with the machine, legible)
  • Operation and emergency controls (Damage, Missing, Properly working)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (Proper PPE is used during operation)
  • Guardrails/Containment System (Damage, Broken Welds, Intact)
  • Mechanical Components (Air Lines, Hydraulic hoses, couplers, and electrical lines are in working condition)
  • Overall Structure (Loose or missing parts)
  • Safety Decals (All safety decals are intact and legible)
  • Wheels/Tires (Proper inflation)
  • Outriggers (Structures used to stabilize the equipment are working properly)
  • Other Items (Read and understand original manufactures OMM for other items to be inspected before daily use)

Work Environment Inspection

  • Operating Surface (Obstructions or substantial elevation changes, holes, drop-offs, inadequate surface support, etc.)
  • Working Area (Debris/Clutter, Persons working around machine)
  • Obstructions/Weather Conditions (Obstructions above machine (Min. 10 feet from power lines), Wind (Do not operate in wind greater then 25 mph)

Machine Operation

  • Fall Protection (ALWAYS use harness and lanyard tied-off to the manufacture’s directed tie-off point on machine)
  • Controls (Platform controls are within easy reach of operator. Lower level controls are never operated unless permission has been obtained from the operator)
  • Guardrails/Outriggers/Brakes (All guardrails and gates are being used, outriggers in place, and brakes are set)
  • Loads (All loads are distributed and do not exceed rated capacity)
  • Work Position (Operator is standing firmly on floor, do not sit, never use ladder or climbing devices in an elevated work position. Never tie off to adjacent structures while working from an aerial platform)