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Safety & Maintenance Checklist: Underground Trucks

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From The Ground

  • Tires, Wheels, Stem Caps (Inflation, Leaks, Damage, Wear)
  • Duo-cone seal area (Damage, Leaks)
  • Underneath Machine (Leaks, Damage)
  • Loader Frame Arms (Excessive Wear, Damage)
  • Differentials, Brakes, Transmission (Leaks)
  • Front Suspension Cylinders (Leaks, Proper Cylinder Height)
  • Fuel filters / Water separator (Leaks / Drain water (if equipped))
  • Fuel Tanks (Mounting Brackets, Welds, Leaks, Drain Water and Sediment)
  • Hoist Cylinders (Wear, Damage, Leaks)
  • Dump Body and Truck Frame (Damage, Wear, Distortion, Presence of Frame and Body Support Pads)
  • Pusher Plate Cylinders – Ejector Body (Wear, Damage, Leaks)
  • Steps And Handholds (Condition And Cleanliness)
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank, Transmission Oil (Fluid Level, Damage, Leaks)
  • Lights, Front and Rear (Function, Damage to Leans, Housing, or Wiring)
  • Radiator (Debris between Radiator and Grill, Fin Blockage, Leaks)
  • ROPS (Damage, Loose Mounting Bolts)

Engine Compartment

  • Engine Oil (Fluid Level)
  • Engine Coolant (Fluid Level)
  • Radiator (Debris, Damage, Leaks)
  • All Hoses (Cracks, Wear Spots, Leaks)
  • All belts (Tension, Wear, Cracks)
  • Overall Engine Compartment (Trash Or Dirt Buildup, Leaks)

On The Machine, Outside The Cab

  • Handholds (Condition and Cleanliness)
  • Mirrors (Damage, Adjust for Best Visibility)
  • Dump Body above Platform (Damage, Wear, Distortion)
  • Pre-Cleaner (Debris)
  • Air Filter (Restriction Indicator, Dust Valves Unplugged)
  • Hydraulic System (Fluid Level, Damage, Leaks)
  • Fire Extinguisher / System (Charge, Damage)
  • Windshield, Windows (Broken Glass, Cleanliness)
  • Windshield Wipers, Washers (Wear, Damage / Fluid Level)
  • Doors (Open properly, broken glass)
  • Air Conditioner Filter (Dirt, Dust)
  • Battery Compartment (Cleanliness, Loose Nuts & Bolts)

Inside The Cab

  • Seat (Adjustment, Able to Reach Pedals)
  • Seat Belt & Mounting (Damage, Wear, Adjustment, Age)
  • Horn, backup alarm, lights (Proper Function)
  • Mirrors (Damage, Adjust for Best Visibility)
  • Gauges, Indicators, Switches, Controls (Damage, function)
  • Overall Cab Interior (Cleanliness)