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Safety & Maintenance Checklist: Fork Lifts

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With Engine OFF

  • Fuel (Leaks, Level)
  • Hydraulic Oil (Leaks, Level)
  • Engine Oil (Leaks, Level)
  • Radiator Coolant (Leaks, Level)
  • Transmission Fluid (Leaks, Level)
  • Tires (Condition and Pressure)
  • Forks, Top Clip Retaining Pin and Heel (Check Condition)
  • Hydraulic Hoses, Mast Chains, Cables and Stops (Visual Check, Leaks, Damage)
  • Overhead Guard (Attached, Damage)
  • Safety Warnings (Attached, Visible, Legible (Refer to Parts Manual for Location)
  • Battery (Check Water/Electrolyte Level and Charge)
  • All Engine Belts (Cracked, Damage, Rips, Visual Check)
  • Engine Air Cleaner (Squeeze Rubber Dirt Trap or Check the Restriction Alarm (if equipped))
  • Fuel Sedimentor (Diesel) (Condition)
  • Operator’s Manual (In Cab)
  • Nameplate (Attached and Information Matches Model, Serial Number and Attachments)
  • Seat Belt, Buckle, Retractor (Condition, Torn, Ripped, Damage to housing)
  • Hood Latch (Adjusted and Securely Fastened)
  • Brake Fluid (Leaks, Level)

With Engine ON

  • Accelerator or Direction Control Pedal (Functioning Smoothly and Properly)
  • Service Brake (Functioning Smoothly and Properly)
  • Parking Brake (Functioning Smoothly and Properly)
  • Steering Operation (Functioning Smoothly and Properly)
  • Drive Control – Forward/Reverse (Functioning Smoothly and Properly)
  • Tilt Control – Forward and Back (Functioning Smoothly and Properly)
  • Hoist and Lowering Control (Functioning Smoothly and Properly)
  • Attachment Control (Operation)
  • Horn and Lights (Functioning Properly)
  • Cab (if equipped) – Heater, Defroster, Wipers (Functioning Properly)
  • Gauges: Ammeter, Engine Oil Pressure, Hour Meter, Fuel Level, Temperature, Instrument Monitors (Functioning Properly)