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Earthmoving walk around checklist

The professional inspection solution

You can conduct this checklist for free on the Checkbuster platform. You can use a lap-top, PC or the free inspection App

From the Ground

  • Blade Cutting Edge, Moldboard (Excessive Wear Or Damage)
  • Front and Back of Blade (Cracks / Welds)
  • Trash Rack (Cracks / Welds)
  • Blade Cylinders – Guards (Excessive Wear, Damage, Leaks)
  • Wheels, Tips, Wrapper (Damage, Packing, Wear)
  • Underneath Of Machine (Final Drive Leaks, Damage Wear, Differential Plugs, front/rear Axles, Material Buildup up)
  • Power Guard Compartment (Controls)
  • Steps And Handholds (Condition And Cleanliness)
  • Fuel Tank (Fuel Level, Damage, Leaks)
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank (Fluid Level, Damage, Leaks, breather, pilot steering , breather)
  • Transmission (Oil Level, filter, fill cap)
  • Batteries& Hold Downs (Cleanliness, Loose Bolts & Nuts, engine shutdown , starter lockout, XSMN lockout, stairway light switch)
  • Overall Machine (Loose Or Missing Nuts & Bolts, Loose Guards, Cleanliness, Master disconnect, jumpstart receptacle)
  • Articulation Joint (Hoses, Steering Cylinders, Guards, frame lock, drive shaft and grease zerk)
  • Striker Bars (Cleaner Fingers)

Engine Compartment

  • Engine Oil (Fluid Level, filter)
  • Def Tank, if present (Fluid level, filter)
  • Engine Coolant (Fluid Level – Must be Full)
  • Air Filter (Restriction Indicator)
  • Fuel Filter (Primary, secondary and tertiary, leaks)
  • Radiator (Fin Blockage, Leaks)
  • All Hoses (Cracks, Wear Spots, Leaks)
  • All Belts (Tightness, Wear, Cracks)
  • Overall Engine Compartment (Trash Or Dirt Buildup, Leaks)

On the Machine, Outside the Cab

  • Fire Extinguisher (Charge, Damage, Hose Routing )
  • Fire Suppression (if equipped) (Chaffing / Damage)
  • Rear Cab Mount (Bolt and bushing tight)
  • Rear Fan Mount (Tight and secure, no debris)
  • Rear Vision Camera (Clean, undamaged)
  • Backup Alarm (Clean, undamaged)
  • Power Guard Compartment (Clean, no leaks)
  • Lights (Damage, Operation)
  • Mirrors (Damage, Clean)
  • Windows (Damage, Clean)
  • Window Guard (Bolts, Damage)
  • Windshield Wipers & Washers (Wear, Damage, Fluid Level)

Inside the Cab

  • ROPS (Damage)
  • Seat (Adjustment, arm rests working)
  • Seat Belt& Mounting (Damage, Wear, Adjustment)
  • Horn, backup alarm, lights (Proper Function)
  • Overall Cab Interior (Cleanliness)
  • Primary /.Secondary Cab Filters (Clean)
  • Guide on Optimax Cab Filter (Operating / Clean)