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Driver Pre-Trip / Post-Trip Inspection (DVIR)

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You can conduct this checklist for free on the Checkbuster platform. You can use a lap-top, PC or the free inspection App

Trip Information

  • Written working-alone procedures have been followed
  • The trip plan is complete
  • Odometer start
  • Odometer finish

Vehicle Interior – Condition and Configuration

  • Driver’s seat: Adjust seat distance and rake to improve driving position
  • Head restraints: > 2” inches from head; top of restraint in line with top of head
  • Safety belts: Examine for wear
  • Instrument panel warning symbols: Check for red or orange/ yellow symbols
  • Brakes: Test for soft or hard pedal feel. Test action of emergency brake
  • Automatic transmission: Check action of gears; listen for unusual sounds
  • Steering: Adjust for driving position. Test for excessive “play”
  • Interior windows: Ensure windows are smudge and moisture free
  • Horn: Test, where appropriate
  • Reversing alarm: Test, if available
  • HVAC: Test heating, cooling, fan
  • Load restraint: Ensure items securely stored or strapped down
  • GPS: Pre-programmed before commencing trip
  • Smartphone: Safely secured; charging cable available
  • Spare tire: Inflated, or tire inflation canister available
  • Vehicle jack: Available, good working order
  • Fuel: Sufficient, plus reserve
  • Cleanliness: No loose items or floor mats

Vehicle Interior – Aftermarket Safety Equipment

  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Written safe work procedures
  • Safety triangles
  • Spare washer fluid
  • Emergency blanket

Vehicle Exterior, Engine and Exhaust

  • Vehicle / location: Conduct circle check
  • Headlights: Test high beam / low beam
  • Brake lights: Test
  • Tail Lights: Test
  • Emergency lights: Test
  • Windows: Clean
  • Wiper Blades: Good condition
  • Washer fluid: Test
  • Tires: Check inflation weekly
  • Side Mirrors: Clean; correctly adjusted
  • External load: Safely secured
  • Leaks: Check under vehicle
  • Engine operation: No unusual engine noise
  • Exhaust: Tailpipe free of debris; no smell of exhaust inside vehicle