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Add a map / blueprint to a location

Before you start

  • Make sure you are logged in at
  • To add a map or blueprint to a location, make sure you have at least one organization and one location


When you add a map or blueprint to a location, you can place markers to specify the exact location of an inspection item. You can add a task to that map or blueprint during an inspection and assign that task to a user.

Add a map/blueprint to a location

To add a map or blueprint to a location, first, click “Organizations” on the dashboard or in the menu. You will be shown a list of all your organizations and locations. Click on the location you want to add a map or blueprint too. You will be redirected to that location’s detail page. On this page, you will see three headers; users, checklists and maps. When you click on “Maps” a text in a blue banner will appear, explaining the function of maps. Scroll down and you will see the <+ Add map> button. To upload a map/blueprint, click that button and select the image you want to upload from your computer. The image is automatically stored in the file “Maps” of that location.