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Change the header image of a report

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This feature requires the administrator permission or the template manager permission.

Before you start


To change the header image of an inspection report, you need to edit the report template.

Edit a report template

To edit a report we need to go to the checklist overview page. Just click “Checklists” on the dashboard or in the menu. Click or tap on the Word icon behind the checklist title. This will show the complete list of all of your report templates. Behind each template you can see an “Edit” button.

 Click on the edit button. You will be shown a list of all the things you can change.

Add your logo to the header of a page

Click on “Document settings” at the bottom of the list. You will be shown the edit screen where you can upload a new header image for your reports. Click on the [+] button to upload an image and select the image you want to upload. Note that the image has to be .JPG and cannot be larger than 1 MB.
Besides changing the header, you can also change the font, the color of titles and chapters, the title size, the chapter size, the text size and the writing direction here.

View your changes in an inspection report

You have the following options to view your changes in the report template:

  • Conduct a new inspection (the changed reports will automatically be generated)
  • Re-generate an inspection report for an already finished inspection.
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