Inspection overview with scoring

We improved our online inspection overview. In the inspection overview, you can view the score of a finished inspection.

What has changed

The inspection overview at is updated, so from now on you are able to directly see what the status is of an inspection.

The inspection is:

  • In progress, you can see the progress of the inspection and the total number of inspection items
  • Finished, and all inspection items are answered. You will see the final score of the inspection.
  • Finished, and not all inspection items are answered. You will see the total number of inspection items and the progress so you will have a clue how many items are not answered.

On top of the inspection list, is a small legend so you don’t have to remember these statuses.

In the image below you can see how this looks. Feel free to login to to take a look, just click on inspections.



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