How to set up vehicle inspections

Enter company name and first vehicle

When you sign up, you can enter the name of your company. The vehicle we want to inspect is a Volvo truck with license plate ABC-123.  That information is entered in “location”. You can add more vehicles later on.

Add transportation company and first vehicle

Pick a checklist

You can pick the pre-trip /post-trip example checklist. You can find it in the vehicle category.

Pick a pre-trip vehicle checklist

Add more vehicles

In “Organizations” you can add vehicles and also create multiple branches of your company.

Just click on the first line to open the detail screen. You can add more vehicles with the [+] button under locations.

Add trucks and vehicles

Add drivers

Open the “Users” screen and click the [+] User button.

Add commercial driver

The last popup is opened: Pick the driver ‘s vehicles.

Add commercial driver to vehicle

The drivers can start the inspections immediately when they install the Checkbuster app.

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