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Mobile tooling for HACCP audits

It is paramount that the auditor can focus on critical processes during the audit, without being distracted by complicated software or cumbersome paper list. Checkbuster’s tooling for HACCP audits, reduces the complexity, allowing the auditor to perform core tasks. All audits can be performed on a smartphone or tablet. The simple interfaces requires a minimum effort of the auditor

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Plan, Do, Check & Act

Our quality platform and the corresponding mobile app is based on the well-known quality circle Plan, do, check, act, saving time whenever possible.

Plan: Design the checklist

All HACCP audits are carried out on the basis of a pre-designed checklist (template). You can design as many templates as needed. Your templates ensure that your entire team inspects the same points. Changes in the template are distributed automatically among your team. They’ll always inspect with an approved and up to date version.

Do: Perform inspections on smartphone & tablet; also without Internet

The Checkbuster App allows you to walk through the company and carry out your inspections anywhere. Even if there is no internet! Your inspection will not be interrupted by a walk-in freezer, a wifi-less zone in the warehouse or a ban on WiFi and GSM. Any item you check can be supported with photos and remarks. Points that deserve extra attention, in a positive or negative sense, can be marked as a favorite. Blocking issues are also registered and are displayed with emphasis in the reports and in the assigned tasks (see “Act”).

Check: Reports & Statistics

Multiple printable reports are generated, each time you complete an audit. You can configure the content of the reports in detail. Popular reports are the executive summaries and the deficiency reports.
Your pre-designed checklists will add an extra dimension to the interactive management reports. The interactive management reports aggregate audits and their checked points. It provides a bird’s eye view of your HACCP achievement. You can zoom in on the smallest details by clicking the interactive charts.

Act: Resolve issues

The deficiencies that were found, should be resolved as soon as possible. Any solution must be verified for effect. This can result in bulky paper administration. Checkbuster can automatically create a task for every deficiency found. You can assign people to tasks that are responsible for fixing the issue. This could be someone from your team, but also a supplier. You can add extra users for free, so everyone will be involved in the quality of your product.
Every resolved task is re-assigned to you, so you can verify the solution. If the solution is not sufficient, you can re-assign the issue to a fellow user; This process can be repeated, until you are satisfied with the implemented solution.

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We’re offering unlimited functionality and 3 free audits per month, so you can get acquainted with the quality platform. We already added some example HACCP checklists for you. When you download the app or create an account through the site, you can get started straight away.
Some examples of ready-made HACCP Audits:


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