Free quality and safety inspections

With our free starter account you can use our quality and safety platform to conduct your inspections for free. You can use all our features such as in depth analytics with our management reports, create as much locations and even invite 360 users to conduct audits for you.

Create inspections and locations

We have improved the user experience. From now on all inspections are conducted on a location. When you create a new checklist (we call this a template), this template  will automatically be available for your Organization.


What has changed for me? 

Does this impact me? If you didn’t create locations before, then the answer is YES. The first time you login at or with our mobile app, you will need to insert an organisation and a location. The location is where you want to conduct your audit. To get you started, we ask you to insert only one location. You can add more locations and organizations on (click the icon organizations).

Activate your templates

If you used checkbuster without any locations in the past, you may need to activate your templates. Go to Go to the templates page and click on the button

[ activate ] behind your templates.

Can’t find your inspections?

Inspections that were not conducted at a location, are no longer visible in the App.  Don’t worry, those inspections are stored on our quality platform From now on all you newly conducted inspections and reports will be available on your mobile device.


Free starter account

Yes, you can still conduct inspection, create checklist and invite people for free. From now on our free starter account will give you full access to our quality platform and all our features. Instead of giving you a time limit, we limit it on the number of finished inspection. Only doing three inspections each month? You can use checkbuster for free. You can even invite other colleagues to do inspections for you. Read more about the 360 users.

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