Create and assign a task to a colleague

With our improved tasks you can create new tasks directly during an inspection and assign it to a colleague. You can view the task progress direct from your mobile.

How does it work?

Simple, during your inspection you can add a task for every inspection item. Just click on the option button behind the task and select ‘add new task’. Give the task a title (for example: floor need to be cleaned better) and a description. Decide if you want to assign to the task to a colleague and click finish task. If you want to add an image to the task you can do that directly in the next screen.

When your are done with your inspection click on finish inspection and all the tasks will be assigned to all the users.

Do you want the see the progress of a task? You can just click on the menu button and select tasks. If you click on the task you can will see all the detailed information of that task. It is also possible to re-assign the task to other persons or if you have the right rules, to close a task or to place it in waiting for review.

Task statuses

  • To Do: The task has this status when a task is created or has been rejected.
  • Waiting for review: When a colleague put the task in ‘for review’ the task will have this status and will be visible for only users with the role administrator or task approver.
  • Done: The task is placed in done by a task approver after it was waiting for review or directly marked as done by a task approver.

Take a look at the task tutorial video:

Update you app

To use this feature you need to update to the latest version of our mobile apps

Download Checkbuster insepction & report app for iOS

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