Control quality with management charts

We recently released our new management dashboard. It provides an overview of all your inspections and their results. The dashboard contains interactive management charts, providing you with essential management information.


Zoom in on charts

zoom in on management charts

Increase the level of detailed information by clicking on the chart bars. You can zoom in on inspections, the locations where inspections are conducted, even individual inspected items.


Easy filter your inspection results

filter data in management charts
Focus on specific part of your quality process using the filter. Your filter selection is applied instantly to your charts.


See more details with our full screen view


Our dashboard looks nice, but if you want to see the information in more detail, go to our full screen option. In this overview you can also see all the information presented in a table.


Re-use your current selection

full screen management charts

You can save your chart selections. Just select ‘save current filter’ from the select or save filter’ option. You can switch instantly between these saved filters, giving you one-click management information.


We love to hear from you

Customer feedback has been rewarding and encouraging. Let us know what you think or what we need to add. No account yet? Start for free and do your first inspection in just a view simple steps.

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