We at Checkbuster take pride in making things easier and better for our customers. We believe that we can simplify inspection and improve safety and quality.

Making inspections easier and cheaper

We reduced our monthly fee for professional users from € 59 to € 22 and we provide all our functionality to the free starter account. The only limit on the free starter account is the number of inspections you can conduct per month.

But we did more than only that.

Monthly payments, no yearly contracts.

We designed our product so we know that when you start using it, you’ll love it. No long running contracts, just pay as long as you use it. (Did you know that when you start, you will only pay for the remaining days of that month.)

Organisations and locations

Every inspection is linked to a location. A location is the place where you conduct inspections. For example; you have two different warehouses with two different production lines. You can create two organizations one for each warehouse and add the production lines as separate locations.

Management dashboard

You can take full advantage of our management dashboard by drilling down on locations and get the insight per inspection that you want. See our blog post on management reports

Invite and involve people in Safety and quality inspections

We believe that improving quality and safety is a corporate responsibility. That is why we created the Free 360 users. 360 users can only see and conduct inspections, but can’t see inspection reports. Start inviting people to conduct checklist for you.

Write larger texts

We have increased the size of our open text fields, remarks and the summary. You can also use line breaks in the summary and open text items.

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