How to set up vehicle inspections

Enter company name and first vehicle When you sign up, you can enter the name of your company. The vehicle we want to inspect is a Volvo truck with license plate ABC-123.  That information is entered in "location". You can add more vehicles later on. Pick a checklist You can pick [...]

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Pre-trip vehicle inspections are necessary

Pre-trip vehicle inspections take some time and can be perceived as a waste of time. Besides the necessities mentioned in this article, there are also significant benefits to pre-trip inspections when using Checkbuster.   Required by law In many countries and states a pre- or post-trip inspection is mandatory. The law may demand a [...]

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Pre-trip inspection app benefits

The pre-trip vehicle inspection is a necessary task for each commercial driver. However, mobile pre-trip inspections offer many advantages, especially when conducted with the app.   No more paper forms & reports The inspection is conducted on the driver’s phone. Once complete, the driver sends it to the Checkbuster platform. The driver vehicle inspection report [...]

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