What is HACCP

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a method to ensure food safety. HACCP has been increasingly applied to industries other than food, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. HACCP prevents biological, chemical, and physical hazards during raw material production, procurement, handling, manufacturing, distribution and consumption. Start with HACCP: The seven principles [...]

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Start with HACCP: The Seven HACCP Principles

Follow the steps below to create or improve your own HACCP procedure. The steps are called the seven principles of HACCP. Checkbuster has a lot of features that help with  work listed below. We also provide numerous checklist examples. 1) Analyze the hazards Create a list of hazards that can cause injury or illness [...]

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Top 5 HACCP issues in kitchens

The top 5 HACCP issues in kitchens is based on research done by stichting Veiligvoedsel.nl (a dutch food safety foundation).  5 Frozen products lack a sell by date and the date when the product was frozen. The thousand year old egg is a Chinese delicacy, the year old meatball isn’t. [...]

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Solve 5 HACCP audit problems

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, It’s already in the name; HACCP auditors need to focus on the task at hand to prevent Hazardous situations. Here are 5 solutions that will help any auditor. 1. Loose time writing reports A huge overhead in any HACCP audit, is the need to convert your audits into readable [...]

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HACCP Audits – The proper tools

Mobile tooling for HACCP audits It is paramount that the auditor can focus on critical processes during the audit, without being distracted by complicated software or cumbersome paper list. Checkbuster’s tooling for HACCP audits, reduces the complexity, allowing the auditor to perform core tasks. All audits can be performed on a smartphone or [...]

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