Pre-trip inspection app benefits

The pre-trip vehicle inspection is a necessary task for each commercial driver. However, mobile pre-trip inspections offer many advantages, especially when conducted with the app.


No more paper forms & reports

The inspection is conducted on the driver’s phone. Once complete, the driver sends it to the Checkbuster platform. The driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) is created automatically.


Complete DVIR report archive

All DVIR reports are archived on the Checkbuster platform. You can always provide the proper reports to government agencies, legal counselor or insurance company.


Track deficiencies and repairs

The fleet manager has real time insight in the condition of his fleet. If a part breaks down, the driver can include photos and remarks which are instantly shared with the fleet manager.
Each deficiency is assigned to a mechanic. The deficiency can be monitored until the mechanic is done.


Save time on pre-trip inspections with the app

The biggest issue with pre-trip inspections is the time the driver needs to complete it. For a driver time is money. The Checkbuster app is streamlined to reduce the necessary time to it’s bare minimum.

Set up pre-trip vehicle inspections
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