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Benefits of generated reports

Every professional audit agency is confronted with an administrative overhead on reporting. Checkbuster eliminates the overhead on reports completely. All reports are generated automatically when an inspection is finished. There is no need to write inspection reports ever again.

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Cut overhead costs on inspections by 50%

Every inspection needs to be worked out into a comprehensive report. Employees who do this by hand are wasting time and money. All reports can be generated automatically.

We estimate that an average audit agency, that employs 5 auditors, can save over 100.000 euro each year when they switch to automated reporting.

Meaningful reporting with photo’s

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. All photo’s taken during the inspection are included in the generated report. This helps your clients to pinpoint a problem. A photo also saves time for the auditor because less explanatory text is needed.

Deliver reports to your customers instantly

The customers of third party audit agencies need their inspection reports as soon as possible.

Checkbuster reports are ready as soon as auditors finish their inspection. Your clients will never have to wait on your reports.

Consistent style and layout

Styling a Word document can be cumbersome and error prone. Reports with an inconsistent layout tend to look messy. Predefined report templates ensure that every generated report matches your design without any manual styling.

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