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How to set up vehicle inspections

Enter company name and first vehicle When you sign up, you can enter the name of your company. The vehicle we want to inspect is a Volvo truck with license plate ABC-123.  That information is entered in "location". You can add more vehicles later on. Pick a checklist You can pick [...]

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Pre-trip vehicle inspections are necessary

Pre-trip vehicle inspections take some time and can be perceived as a waste of time. Besides the necessities mentioned in this article, there are also significant benefits to pre-trip inspections when using Checkbuster.   Required by law In many countries and states a pre- or post-trip inspection is mandatory. The law may demand a [...]

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Pre-trip inspection app benefits

The pre-trip vehicle inspection is a necessary task for each commercial driver. However, mobile pre-trip inspections offer many advantages, especially when conducted with the app.   No more paper forms & reports The inspection is conducted on the driver’s phone. Once complete, the driver sends it to the Checkbuster platform. The driver vehicle inspection report [...]

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Top 5 considerations when choosing an audit and inspection platform

Are you looking for a digital audit and inspection platform? Then there are some points to consider. Let's surmise five important points: Easy to use: Choose a platform that is simple to use and can be understood by your entire team. Pay special  attention that you can configure inspection teams rapidly, conduct inspections intuitively and [...]

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How to switch from paper checklists to an inspection app

There are many benefits to an inspection app over paper. First of all: you can conduct your inspection anywhere, anytime and without internet. Secondly, inspection software eliminates overhead costs on reporting completely. So why wait? Well, the main bottleneck is the switch from a paper to digital checklist itself. At checkbuster we aim to make [...]

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What is HACCP

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a method to ensure food safety. HACCP has been increasingly applied to industries other than food, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. HACCP prevents biological, chemical, and physical hazards during raw material production, procurement, handling, manufacturing, distribution and consumption. Start with HACCP: The seven principles [...]

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Start with HACCP: The Seven HACCP Principles

Follow the steps below to create or improve your own HACCP procedure. The steps are called the seven principles of HACCP. Checkbuster has a lot of features that help with  work listed below. We also provide numerous checklist examples. 1) Analyze the hazards Create a list of hazards that can cause injury or illness [...]

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Top 5 HACCP issues in kitchens

The top 5 HACCP issues in kitchens is based on research done by stichting Veiligvoedsel.nl (a dutch food safety foundation).  5 Frozen products lack a sell by date and the date when the product was frozen. The thousand year old egg is a Chinese delicacy, the year old meatball isn’t. [...]

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Best practices: How to phrase a checklist item

A checklist consists of items you want to inspect. But what is the best phrasing of these items? These three basic rules of thumb will help you to define clear and unambiguous checklist items. Check single items The most common mistake is to cramp multiple points into one check item. [...]

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Solve 5 HACCP audit problems

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, It’s already in the name; HACCP auditors need to focus on the task at hand to prevent Hazardous situations. Here are 5 solutions that will help any auditor. 1. Loose time writing reports A huge overhead in any HACCP audit, is the need to convert your audits into readable [...]

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