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We at Checkbuster take pride in making things easier and better for our customers. We believe that we can simplify inspection and improve safety and quality. Making inspections easier and cheaper We reduced our monthly fee for professional users from € 59 to € 22 and we provide all our functionality to the free starter account. [...]

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Free quality and safety inspections

With our free starter account you can use our quality and safety platform to conduct your inspections for free. You can use all our features such as in depth analytics with our management reports, create as much locations and even invite 360 users to conduct audits for you. Create inspections and locations We have improved [...]

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Control quality with management charts

We recently released our new management dashboard. It provides an overview of all your inspections and their results. The dashboard contains interactive management charts, providing you with essential management information.   Zoom in on charts Increase the level of detailed information by clicking on the chart bars. You can zoom in on inspections, the locations [...]

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The new Checkbuster app. Easier inspections, audits and registrations.

Based on your suggestions, we made some radical changes to the Checkbuster app. The design was completely overhauled to make it easier to use. And we’ve added such new features as public templates and a new dashboard. But why tell you if we can show you? [...]

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Our brand new app is almost ready

For the last months we have been working hard on updating our mobile apps. We thought that we could do much better then the current app. With our new features and functionality we needed to change. So we will go live with the following improvements soon: Make it even more simple By listening to our [...]

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5 insights to easily improve Quality Control

As a manager in quality assurance and quality control you face a lot issues. Here are the 5 fundamental basics to improve your quality control quick and easy. 1. Engage your team in quality control As a QA manager you know the importance of quality control. How about your colleagues? Since quality control is of [...]

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Get started with ISO 9001

Leadership, business processes, and skilled employees, are becoming more and more important for organizations in our complex world. It is no coincidence that the number of ISO, especially ISO 9001, certificates continues to grow. But what is it’s main objective? ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) develops and publishes international management standards. Goal is to [...]

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