Add user and checklists to organizations and locations

In this blog post we will show you the two improved screens in our organization configuration. We made this change to provide a better overview of the users and the checklists that are connected to a location. From now on it is also possible to add a blueprint or a floor plan to a location. So you can add a snag or marker to show where an issue is.

The update is only visible at when you click on an organization or a location.

Organization configuration

When you go to ‘organizations’ from your dashboard and you click on the organization name you will see the screen below.

If you want to change the organization name just click on the edit icon behind the name. To add an location just click the add location button below the list of existing locations.

Location detail

We created an overview of all the users, checklist and blueprints that are connected to this location.

You can easily add users, checklists or blueprints to a location. Just click on users and it will show you an overview of all the users that are able to do inspections at this location. The number in the icon behind the users name is the amount of checklist. The user can do insepction for every checklist that is showing here. Just click the icon the change the checklists.

The Checklist section works the same as the user overview. Before a user has acces to a checklist it must be added to the location. Just click on add checklist to add an checklist.

Our new feature place snags

If you want to use our new feature to place snags and markers on a map or floor plan during the inspection just add a floor plan to the location. You can do this by clicking on the “Maps’ text and click on the [add map] button. A blueprint must be in a jpg image file. Read more about this feature in the article “Place snags and markers on a floor plan”.

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