5 insights to easily improve Quality Control

As a manager in quality assurance and quality control you face a lot issues. Here are the 5 fundamental basics to improve your quality control quick and easy.

1. Engage your team in quality control

As a QA manager you know the importance of quality control. How about your colleagues? Since quality control is of great importance throughout the whole organization, all employees involved in manufacturing have to realize the importance of quality and safety. Communicate the effect of a lack of quality control and let your team check quality and safety issues.


2. Define quality control standards

Off course working with checklists has some pitfalls. However, checklist are of huge importance to handle quality control. By defining specific standards, different people can measure quality and safety based on the same evidence. Besides, standards help you to not forget to ask or check issues that need to be covered.


3.  Focus on the right issues

Quality can only be improved when audits focus on the most important areas. Management should be actively involved in determining the scope and areas of interest for the auditors. Keep in mind you have to comply to requirements but also meet and exceed customer expectations.


4. Renew periodically

Stay up to date with current objectives and current problems. For example, introduce theme audits, follow industry trends and update your checklists when you change suppliers or products. In practice, standards are easily added to a checklist but it seems only a few standards get removed.


5. Keep it simple

Due to all related tasks, it is easy to lose sight of the original intent to improve quality and safety. Make sure you don’t make the quality control process harder that it has to be. Use language understood by all employees, work in an ordered manner, document results in a structured way and digitize where possible. Besides, more short checks about one topic is easier to handle compared to one extensive audit.


In control & Compliance

Achieving compliance may seem to be the aim of quality control. However, quality control is more than meeting regulations and obtaining certificates. Let’s just step back now and then to see quality control from a wider perspective. Isn’t it all about improving the quality and safety of your products? We believe quality control is not only a division, it should be of common interest to deliver high quality and safe products.

Do you have tips how to improve quality control? Please share your insights below.

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