18% revenue growth annually. Thanks to the app.2017-01-12T16:02:30+02:00
18% revenue growth annually. Thanks to the app.

18% revenue growth annually. Thanks to the app..

The dutch food safety foundation (Stichting Veiligvoedsel.nl) has developed a methodology to assure food safety within organizations. Five auditors conduct 2500 audits each year. Several years ago they start using the inspection app and the Checkbuster online platform. The Director of Stichting Veiligvoedsel.nl explains why and how they benefit.

What is Checkbuster?

‘Checkbuster is a mobile audit and inspection platform for quality and safety. The auditors ofStichting Veiligvoedsel.nl use the app during their inspections in kitchens and restaurants of hospitals and healthcare institutions.’

Why have you start using the inspection app?

‘We expected to conduct our audits faster, allowing more time for our customers.’

Did that work out?

‘Absolutely. We saved so much time that we reinvested in the relationship with our customers. This resulted in an annual revenue increase of 18% .’

Can you be more specific?

‘Stichting Veiligvoedsel.nl conducts 2500 audits per year. An administrative employee needs, on average, 4 to 5 hours to create the reports. In addition the auditor also had to spend an hour to verify the reports. The time was spent in the placement of photo's, typing reports and styling the report to the customer demands. The inspection app reduced that overhead to 15 minutes for the administrative employee and 5-10 minutes for the auditor.’

Are there other benefits beside time saving?

‘It's very easy to use. We can create report formats and styling per inspection type. We decide whta is shown and how it is displayed. The photo's taken during the audit can be placed in specific subject. We're not bound by a fixed route. Changes in audits can easily be shared with the auditors. The entire team is always working with the proper versions. Another thing that's really useful for us, is the ordening and grouping of multiple inspection locations.’

Your auditors also work in walk-in freezers and remote industrial areas? Does the app even work in those locations?

‘Yes, the app works without internet connection. For us it's necessary to conduct audits where there is little or no network coverage.’

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